CIE Standard Sky type finder for New Delhi and NCR location

Availability of consistent climatic information is vital for indicating the sky luminance distribution to estimate indoor daylight illuminance. Sky luminance is an essential component in assessing the appearance and performance of internal spaces which are highly sensitive to the often-dynamic luminance of the visible sector of the sky. Sky luminance varies according to a series of meteorological, seasonal, and geometric parameters that are difficult to specify. To overcome this gap Mahindra-TERI Centre of Excellence's sky modelling study in India aims to analyse and compare available sky models and further define the sky patterns subset from the CIE standard general sky that best represents the sky luminance distribution in Gurugram, India.

The CIE Satndard sky type finder is a tool that showcases the prevailing sky distribution model for New Delhi and NCR location using CIE standard Skies.


The data can be used for accurate daylight simulations and analysis by incorporating measured CIE sky type than using the default overcast sky as input parameter. Further, it can also be used for intelligent building control (e.g., fenestration automation or advancement in electro-opaque glass)

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