What is the vision of Mahindra TERI CoE?

The CoE’s vision is to provide a coherent database for market-ready, scalable and viable materials and technologies. It would also develop an effective dissemination strategy for energy efficient envelope design and water use for sustainable habitats. The thrust on a systems approach will be aided by research areas that include the use of state-of-the-art methods and tools for performance evaluation.

What impact CoE will create on the Real Estate Industry?

The CoE will help mainstream sustainable housing by offering wide range of materials, with a database of their thermal properties. It will help build a strong business case to build green, strengthen the supply chain, and expand the demand by making consumers aware.
The CoE will also prepare policy briefs for Central/ and State ministries to push the agenda of developing green and transform the housing industry by 2022.

What are the CoE’s research levers?

The research activities consist of:

  • Standardization & Measurement of Building Materials
  • Building Envelope studies
  • Comfort studies
  • Performance Standards, Matrices, Guidelines & Toolkits

What will be the outcomes of the CoE’s research?

As the research activities are focused on Building Materials, Building Envelope studies, Comfort studies, Sustainable water use in habitats; the outcomes are in the form of:

  • Policy briefs for State and Central Ministries
  • Design Guidelines for Developers considering the codes and bye-laws
  • Database will be made available as a tool on the CoE website.
  • Plugin for simulation software

Who will be the beneficiaries of the CoE’s research output?

The expected beneficiaries are material suppliers and leaders such as glass manufacturers, steel, cement and other major building material manufacturers, contractors, architects and building practitioners, and policy makers.