S. No. Test Equipment Properties measured Reference Code no. Title of Code
1 Thermal Hot Disk Thermal Constant analyser
  • Diffusivity
  • Conductivity
  • Specific heat capacity
ISO 22007-2:2008 Determination of Thermal Conductivity and Thermal Diffusivity, General Principles
2 Thermal Guarded Hot Box U-value ASTM C1363 Standard Test Method for
Thermal Performance of Building Materials and Envelope
Assemblies by Means of a Hot Box Apparatus
3 Thermal Emmisiometer Emittance ASTM C1371 Standard Test Method for Determination of Emittance of Materials Near Room Temperature Using Portable Emissometers
4 Sky modelling Solar Monitoring Station Irradiance ISO 9060-Pyranometer ISO 9901:1990 Solar energy -- Field pyranometers Standard & Pyranometer
Measurement Accuracy
5 Visual Luminance Meter Luminance    
6 Visual Illuminance meter Illuminance    
7 Visual Photolux + HDRI Camera
  • Luminance
  • Glare indices

Sky Scanner

The Sky Scanner measures Luminance and Radiance of the sky hemisphere. This device is primarily used to study the radiation contribution of the diffuse sky which is an important parameter for building automation, building design, daylight software modeling and light pollution research. The sensor with two highly sensitive detectors, and viewing angle of 11 degrees captures the hemisphere in 145 sequential steps. Two-axis control of the sensor and precise tracking mechanism helps in achieving a high durability and repeatability. Measurements are based on the CIE108-1994 recommendation (CIE - International Commission on Illumination, IDMP - International Daylight Measurement Program).

The luminance values are measured per kcd/m2 and radiance value per W/m2/sr.

Hot Disk Thermal Constant analyser TPS 500

The Hot Disk TPS 500 Thermal Constants Analyser rapidly and accurately measures thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity and specific heat capacity of a wide range of materials. The TPS 500 measures the thermal transport properties of solids, pastes, gels and powders and encompasses similar accuracy and sample size flexibility as the benchmark TPS 2500 S and workhorse TPS 1500.

Guarded Hot Box

The Guarded Hot Box is used to measure the steady state thermal performance of building elements. In simpler terms, this means that the GHB measures the U-value of the specimen.

The U-value of material is the amount of heat transmitted through a material per unit area, per unit of temperature difference across it.

Solar Monitoring System

The Solar Monitoring System contains a pyranometer, a pyrheliometer and sun-tracking system. It measures the direct irradiance of the sun, and the diffuse irradiance of the sky. Using these recorded parameters, and empirical model of sky brightness can be computed for the Indian sky.

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